Monday, 27 May 2013

Chess Tactics Magnus Carlsen Decoded

I have just downloaded a fantastic, up to date tactics book for my Kindle.  It features the most recent wins of Magnus Carlsen and demonstrates the tactical levers he used to achieve them!  This ebook features over 50 games, many of which are contests between Carlsen and Aronian, Carlsen and Nakamura and Carlsen and Anand.

If I remember correctly, the book is VERY reasonably priced at under £5.  It is written by Mijail Bogdanov, who has himself annotated the games.  I appreciate this guide, because:

a) There is no exhaustive analysis.
b) There are loads of tactical positions to analyse.
c) I can learn from these positions.
d) Entire games are included, so openings can also be examined.

It is worth noting however, that the book should probably have been edited more thoroughly as the English is a little stunted / awkward in places, but I didn't buy the book to appreciate English grammar!

I love the book and I'm tackling just one game per day, which should be sufficient for me.  Thoroughly recommended.

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