Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Reloader Tactic

Here is a technique to knockout your opponent quickly - 'the reloader tactic'. I initially saw examples of this tactic in Martin Weteschnik's excellent book, Understanding Chess Tactics. Admittedly I got a little lucky in this game (blitz 5 mins each) - I was busy tormenting my opponent's Queen when I realised just in time that I had my Knights ideally placed for the reloader ...

For those that are not sure what this is, essentially the reloader tactic involves sacrificing a piece (e.g. Knight-1) which MUST be taken due to the threat it poses ... but once this threat has been expunged then the same threat can be recreated (reloaded) with another piece of the same type or movement (e.g Knight-2).

In this game I used Knight-1 to create the first threat (my opponent resigned here but if Knight-1 had been eliminated then I could then have reloaded the threat with Knight-2!).

As usual - any comments welcome!!

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