Sunday, 17 March 2013

Portsmouth Chess Congress 2013: Game 6

Here is my sixth and final game in the Portsmouth Chess Congress 2013 - possibly a Reti? (will check with Fritz). I always dread it when my opponent plays 1.d4 and follows with 2.Nf3, the reason being that I can't play my favourite opening - the Budapest ... :( My opponent employed a very solid opening arrangement and simply managed to grind me down until I had nothing on the queen-side - no attacking chances whatsoever! I tried an early double-bishop attack but didn't appreciate that my opponent need not worry about such crude bishop manoeuvres, using a clever knight move to snuff out the assault. As the game progressed I threw everything at the queen-side (including the kitchen sink) but couldn't penetrate his defence.

I have to admit that although the game was unexciting for me, my opponent's strategy was sublime. With the queen-side taken care of he began a pawn skirmish on the king-side! All my pieces were on the wrong side of the board and it was too late to stem the flow of attackers ... A sound win for my opponent!

As usual, any comments welcome ...

Game 6 - Queens pawn Reti?

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