Monday, 6 May 2013

White wins against Philidor's Defence

During my latest club match I was fortunate that my opponent went to sleep and allowed me to win the exchange easily. On the other hand they had to take a very defensive stance throughout the entire game after playing Philidor's Defence as Black. Just when I thought it might get a little 'stalematey', I realised that all I had to to was break open the pawns around the enemy King. This is more of a strategic aim than a tactical one ... However as you can see from the game it proved quite effective!!

Like in a boxing match when you inflict a flesh wound, the opponent becomes a little intimidated and this is when they are at their most vulnerable ... When they start to lose their balance you can knock them out! I wasn't obliged to write the moves down due to being within my last 5 minutes, but I managed to Queen my 'a' pawn and eventually checkmate my opponent with just over 1 minute to spare ...

As usual, any comments welcome ...

Philidor's Defence

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