Monday, 31 July 2017

Grand Prix Attack beats 167 BCF

During my last club game Of the season I was able to employ the Grand Prix Attack as White with devastating effect!  I'm not sure if my opponent was just having an 'off day' and whether or not I simply 'lucked in'?  (I played the game quite quickly because I wanted to get back home in time to watch Man Utd) Nevertheless, for those players that want to learn how to play more attacking chess, there are certainly some interesting ideas in this game.  Admittedly my opponent made a couple of huge oversights which let me take the initiative early on. But advantages need to be capitalised on in chess and this was what I had to do here ...exploit the tactics of the position!

By the way, if you are wondering where I got the idea for the opening, then I can confirm that this came from a Roman's Lab DVD where the White light squared bishop gets exchanged for Black's knight.  The idea is to bring both knights to Black's kingside and use them in the attack ... I was initially dubious about exchanging bishop for knight, but the game 'played itself' in the end and my doubts were confounded .... This is my best club win to date.

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Grand Prix Attack ...

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