Thursday, 26 January 2012

Budapest bamboozles my opponent !

I had all the luck in my club game last night. It is hard to believe that my opponent went horribly wrong on move 4 by developing his Bishop to g5 instead of his Knight to f3 first! This allowed for an early Bxf2+ picking up a pawn and following that with Ne4+ recapturing the Bishop ... (I won with the same thing online once).

I wanted to test my opponent this time rather than bottling out - to show who had the initiative and this proved to be the correct attitude - due to incorrect analysis my opponent technically through the game away on 11.Qd3?? (instead if moving his King back to e1) allowing a simple Knight fork winning his Queen! He valiantly played on and some of my colleagues say I made a bit of a meal out of the finish, but I came away happy with my first win for a while ... !

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