Friday, 6 January 2012

I can do better !

I made a beginner's mistake last night and blundered a pawn in the opening - I tried a Budapest - but he didn't accept the pawn on e5 and played e3! I played e4 but then had to think of ways of supporting it (the pawn)! I ended up blundering the pawn on e4 by a sequence that I wrongly (stupidly) assessed ... I played d5 to get a central pawn in - but of course he can play ... cxd5 I play Nxd5 he plays Nc3xe4! I felt like a right MUG ...!

I played well after that but my position was compromised (to say the least). My opponent is a solid tactician - I managed to pose him a few problems but - but then (in time trouble) I blundered a Bishop (by that time I'd already lost really)!!! I wasn't too upset - the pressure of having a long run of victories and draws is finally off - distant memory ! Funnily enough - neither my opponent or his colleague had heard of the Budapest !? - you have to laugh!!

I have become more determined now - I will play another club match on Monday! (Ave Grade is 140)

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