Sunday, 13 May 2012

Calculation Training in 20mins (continued)

Here is a link to the recent Asian Continental Championships won by Negi of India.  If you click on the link and scroll down you will find at least 2 games.  The first one is an English opening.  If you follow the game through until about move 19. you find yourself deep into the middlegame.  This is where you should start thinking about the plan, for your chosen colour.  Let's say you choose Black ... Play move 19. for White but don't look at Black's next move.  Instead, make a list of all the candidate moves for Black.  Choose which you think are the 3 most promising.  Now reason through each of the 3 candidate moves in turn to test that a) they are tactically sound and b) that they have a solid goal in mind ... The goal might be tactical - i.e. you can win a pawn or piece or it might be strategical - i.e. you can improve the position of one of your pieces with a further longer-term aim in mind ...  Once this technique is perfected then you will become a formidable player!

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greg_b said...

Remember: Spend just 20 minutes on each problem!